Crying emotions for you…

schommelThis morning I saw a little girl, she was 7 years old and was sitting on a swing. She was left alone by her mother, and was being angry at her because she felt her mother let her down. Her mother stood there on a distance and was watching her, trying to come closer and hold her in her love and light. But the little girl was too angry to let her come close. I was watching them both and surprised from what I saw. Mother and daughter, both feeling lonely and longing for connection and not being able to move. 

Why don’t you open your heart’, I asked the little girl, ’then you will be able to see and feel your mother, she is there for you, waiting’. The mother was crying as she longed so much for the little girl to embrace her and hold her in her arms. And I just stood there, watching the two and let my light shine upon them.

After some time the little girl dried her eyes, and allowed the mother to come a little step closer. Then the mother cried. And then I cried all the tears that were locked up in her for so many years. Tears of not being able to show the love as it was rejected from fear, disappointment and anger.

Sometimes I do these things, crying emotions for somebody else, crying the tears from their souls, as the burden is too big for them to cry it all on their own…

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